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System Bets

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Fully aware it’s been a while since I posted for that I can only apologise but sometimes in life these challenges come along and end up mucking the routine. I’m well on the mend now and back at home so have full internet access so hopefully will be able to blog daily as normal. I’ve not updated the personal bets yet for June but Strong Suit’s win just before I decided to collapse ill has left us in better shape than before Ascot, will update it as soon as I get a chance. Regards the system bets I’ve obviously been unable to track how  these would have been performed over the past two weeks which is something of a problem but with three month data before hand I’m happy just to kick of where we were before. As I say will update the personal bets soon and then look to get back into picking a few winners each day!

  • 6.20 Kempton – Dies Solis – J Gask (5) (13%)
  • 8.20 Kempton – Islesman – Mrs H Main (4) (40%)

Good luck all and lastly good to be back!


One thought on “System Bets

  1. Islesman first past the post, I got paid out ok on him pretty sure most bookmakers would have paid out on him. SP was 16/1. Not too sure what too track for P&L as he didn’t actually win with the disqualification but well I got paid so I’d feel a bit gutted about recording a loss.

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