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First past the post reigns here!

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Good return to action yesterday from the system bets with Dies Solis running a decent 4th the odds on favourite winning easily. The next selection Islesman was first past the post at 16/1 beating Loyalty a short head. Subsequently he was disqualified for a minor interference, I’ve watched it back a few times and you can see the horse veer to his right slightly which hampered the runner up so perhaps a fair judgement. From the point of view of profit & loss however I’m going to mark it down as a winner. Most bookmakers policy is to pay out on first past the post and although it’s a rare occurence it is worth finding a bookmaker that offers such a policy. I’ve said before that Bet365 are one of the best for all their promotions and they also offer this concession. I believe the market was actually settled on Betfair also with Islesman winning so I guess if anyone backed him on Betfair hope you withdrew the cash pretty quickly.

No system bets today. Kids are of school today which is something of a pain as they’ll be about today, no personal bets neither but will take a look at the weekend’s racing later in time for tomorrow.


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