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Experimenting elaborated …

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Ok let me elaborate on this little experiment.


Essentially I want to see how well I do picking a horse in every race as I see some people do. I will naturally use a few things to look at the race in question but I don’t envisage spending more than 30 minutes on all the cards – no videos, no deep analysis of stats – just a pure quick glance and on we go – if it sounds mental then quite simply it is mental. I will be recording my selections against those from GYTO as I really want a target to hit. Plus as you can see from the sheer number of selections daily it makes there profit seem miniscule. This will be in conjunction and totally separate to my actual bets on the Tipping Kings site. By all means if anyone else wants to take part instead of GYTO send me a tweet or DM etc… Purely an experiment. Though I did back the L15s – not going to do that again – albeit one nearly returned a nice sum.


Here’s how today went –


Where GYTO have two tips up I’m going with the shorter price one. I’m also scoring GYTO as 1pt level stakes instead of their 4pts on a shortie etc. No each-ways for the purpose of this little experiment.


  • Lingfield


Lonesome Pundit -7pts

GYTO -1.875pts


  • Catterick


Lonesome Pundit +27.33pts

GYTO +6pts


  • Sandown


Lonesome Pundit -4.09pts

GYTO +12.5pts


  • Total


Lonesome Pundit +16.24

GYTO +16.625




To be fair to GYTO they had a fine day to advised stakes and I’m not going out of my way to criticise GYTO more so they put their selections out there so they are the best to compare with.


Tomorrow’s up tomorrow!


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