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Revisiting some old systems …

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I spent some time earlier looking back at a few of my old systems more for amusement than anything, but a couple of posts made me think perhaps I should look at tracking a few things. The posts in question are these few – Trainer Stats  Stats Update  Lincoln Day  and here Combined Optimum The Way Ahead. A better way may be able to use the search facility and look for “combined optimum”. Basically it brings back about 10 or so posts from two years ago when I rattled along about certain systems which did prove profitable to follow. There are numerous other little things I want to revisit but time waits for no one.


Essentially though I’m just going to test as follows.


It works my over the past 14 days getting trainers and jockeys who have 27%+ win record in the past 14 days and 40% in the place market.  It is quite simple though over time will need tweaking. I wouldn’t advise anyone to follow these blind.


From there we need to apply the following filters – ignore the stats these are two years old.

  • (TJ14) – Class 3, 4 and 5 – Hurdle, Chase, Flat, All Weather –      Handicap, Stakes, Maiden – Selections (59) Profit (+41.73) S/R (28.8%) ROI      (70.72%)
  • (TOR14) – Class 3, 4 and 5 – Hurdle, Flat, All Weather – Handicap,      Stakes, Maiden – Selections (30) Profit (+29.94) S/R (30%) ROI (99.8%)
  • (TJBOTH/TORBOTH) – Class 3, 4 and 5 – All Weather – Handicap –      Selections (8) Profit (+11.75) S/R (25%) ROI (146.75%) – worth noting all      8 horses were placed in this system.
  • (COMBINED OPTIMUM) – Selections (97) Profit      (+83.42) S/R (28.8%) ROI (86%)


So to explain in further detail (TJ14) is Trainer/Jockey – last 14 days combination. Both must have 27% win and 40% place.  The class is important as Class 1 and 2 was proven to be negative. Class 6 and 7 untrustworthy.

(TOR14) – is Trainer with one runner at a particular course. Same criteria except chases though I’m going to add them back in.

TJOBTH/TORBOTH – is a combination of both. Which back then I think was over 7 and 14 days. Either way I’m going to ignore that one for now. As the sample size was tiny.

Combined Optimum is basically the above three systems – I was monitoring a lot more things back in the day.



Runners today. I’m recording all to SPs



5.25 Wolverhampton – Common Cents (5) – Morris/Harris – Handicap



5.35 Taunton – Special Mate – (4) – Twiston Davies – Handicap

6.55 Wolverhampton – No Truth – (5) – C Hills – Maiden




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