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£100 challenge – March

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Sorry for the inactivity on the challenge front last few days. Since Saturday’s blow outs I’ve been somewhat avoiding writing about them! I will update results for February later – needless to say none of us excelled.

Anyway, March is now upon us and we’re ready to go again, so Craig at http://www.watsonswinningpost.wordpress.com and Irish Tipster Jones will be both be back to see if they can make a profit over the month. If anyone else wants to take part rules are quite simple – start the month with an imaginary £100 and see who makes the most money. If you do want to compete and it’s only for amusement really so we can rib each other then contact me via comment, twitter, facebook etc.

Few new rules for March also – no Betfair prices and must tip a minimum of £10 per day – this is mainly going to affect me as the other guys are consistent daily. I’ll also setup a seperate £100 for the Festival to see how we all fare their.

Until tomorrow evening, adios…. I’ll look at getting more Festival previews up also.


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