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Last couple of days have been very break even across the board as we head towards the middle of the month. At least no one has gone broke yet! Looking towards March is there anyone else who feels like competing? If so comment below or tweet me – be good to have a few more selections to calculate each evening.


Watson – Sunday totaled a profit of +£18.03 helped in part by nailing two nice each ways and three out of four on his lucky 15. Unfortunately today he’s given back £16.38 off it.

Tipster Jones – Had a winner on Sunday for £13.75 profit, alas he also gave back £10 today. Win some lose some.

Lonesome – Had two losers on Sunday for a loss of £6.


Overall scores are as follows.


Lonesome Pundit

Selections 59

Winners 8

Total £105.01 (Profit +£5.01)


Tipster Jones

Selections 28

Winners 10 – Good strike rate!

Total £94.54 (Loss -£5.46)



Selections 69

Winners 10

Total £77.94 (Loss – £22.06)


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