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Kempton strollers


Chances are this meeting will probably be off but I fancy a few prices to see if I can catch up with the other two rogues. No time for explanation work is never ending this morning.

2.20 Kempton – 1pt WIN Avertis @ 11/1 – Bet 365

2.20 Kempton – 0.5pt WIN Red Somerset @ 14/1 Various

2.55  Kempton – 1PT WIN Spifer @ 7/2 Various

I will update prices on @TipsterJones and CWatson9 shortly.



2 thoughts on “Kempton strollers

  1. Not sure if your aware but images of fat people with bellies don’t appeal. On another have you got a contact for irish jones his tips are something I want to follow.

  2. Ok Graham I will check out with WordPress the images. I wasn’t aware there was any. I’ll speak to TipsterJones regards a contact – best place is probably on Twitter or Facebook he’s pretty approachable.

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