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Worm is turning ..

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Finally beginning to head into profit for the month on Stars.


I’m running at a BB of 2.72 per hour, which seems pretty low but putting the hours in should see us turn a steady profit. Here are my stats for 2,370 hands (note there are a few from the $1/2 level)


If anyone has any clue about Pokertracker – do you think I’m playing a little too loose at 29/19 – plenty of maniacs about so I’ve been able to let them bet, bet, bet with air most of the time. Here’s probably my favourite hand of the past few days – this guy managed to lose $60.80 in 43 hands of $0.50/1 – how not to play ha!

It’s pretty straightforward from my point of view. I don’t like slow playing anything so risky to call flop or check turn with 3 hearts. How he turns up with J4 is anyone’s guess.



Speak laters!


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