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Hi all,


As you may recall back in July I setup a poker league on Pokerstars for those of us with an interest in betting/gambling to take part in the odd home game from time to time. Well I’ve been a bit lax with it and failed to really promote it very well. As such I’m going to try again and instead of just letting things slide I’ve setup a few games for over the weekend – Friday and Saturday evening at the minute – I’d be willing to look at Sunday aswell but it all depends on how many people are keen.


Anyways to take part all you have to do is download Pokerstars if you haven’t already got it.  www.pokerstars.com

Open the main lobby, head to home games, click join a poker club, club ID is 483693 and password to join is “workforce”

I’ll approve all registrations and setup games – all information will be sent to your designated Pokerstars email.


Those of you who have already registered you’ll receive an email to say the game has been created. I’ve setup one for Friday at 9pm and one for Saturday at 9pm with a buyin of $10. I’ll join both games but obviously if there’s not enough players for either then we’ll cancel them.


Good luck and let’s see as many people on the tables as possible. Note I will enter both but won’t be until Friday as am unable to deposit until then, so don’t be shy 🙂


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