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NFL Preview

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With many thanks to Leon Probst.
The NFL and NFL Players Association have finally agreed to end their four-month stand-off with a 10-year deal that will see a more equal revenue share and also a settlement to an antitrust case which involved one of the NFL’s biggest stars.
In the deal, owners will be paid 53% on the estimated $9bn in revenues over the next decade, to the players’ 47% (which sees the owners make slightly more this time round after the last Collective Bargaining Agreement, which saw both teams get an equal split); teams will get a salary cap of $120m.
According to a copy of the agreement leaked to Sports Illustrated, the top rookie in 2011 – Carolina Panthers quarterback Cameron Newton – may earn $22m over four years – a huge reduction on the sort of salaries doled out to first-year players over the course of the last few years (climaxing in Sam Bradford’s $78m in 2010 from the St Louis Rams).
My top 10 players to watch this season
10- Brandon Carey Carr (KC CHIEFS CB)
 9- Daniel Colt McCoy (BROWNS QB)
 8- Tony Moeaki (KC CHIEFS TE)
 7- Earl Bennett (BEARS WR)
 6- Ryan Mathews (SD CHARGERS RB)
 5- Tim Tebow (BEARS QB)
 4- Carlos Dunlap (BENGALS DE)
 3- Joe Flacco (RAVENS QB)
 2- Mike Wallace (STEELERS WR)
 1- Matthew Stafford ( LIONS QB)

Matthew Stafford

Finally we can now get ready for the NFL season and the odds are already out for the new season with Green Bay and New England both out front at 7-1, I feel it will be another very open season and like the look of the Philladelphia Eagles @ 10-1 esp with there recent activity in the free agent market, the Jets also look a nice price @ 16-1.
My main pick would be the Eagles @ 10-1
My real outsider tip is Houston Texans @ 33-1 (a long shot)
The Texans have one of the best, most balanced, and high-powered offenses in the NFL.  The team’s biggest obstacle, especially last season—aside from slow starts, a back-breaking schedule, injuries, inexperience and inadequate coaching—was of course the dreadful defense. After hiring Wade Phillips, transitioning to the 3-4 Defense and doing outstanding in the 2011 NFL Draft, Houston may finally be there….and this time for real.
  • 2pt Superbowl winners Philadelphia Eagles @ 10/1
  • 1pt Superbowl winners Houston Texans @ 33/1 Sporting Bet/Unibet

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