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Back on track

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The way ahead is paved with challenges they say, well the last few days have certainly been something of a challenge with regards to work. I won’t bore you all with the details but it’s safe to say I’m happy that the situation has been resolved as I’d hope it would be. Hopefully we can get back on track and start finding the winners again ..

On a racing level, the selection in the Irish Oaks was disappointing and 3pts went down the pan, I’m glad I looked to oppose Wonder of Wonders but at the same time disappointed with the selection, July has been a tough old month so far and with the racing looking incredibly dull and of a poor standard until the weekend it’s unlikely they’ll be any actual selections until then, it’s likely to be a real quite week as Dave from Formbet has also gone on holiday so it may be that I won’t actually have a bet for three or four days, it’s pleasing though that I’m able to do that and not force myself to have a bet. System bets I’ve been very slack with again over the past few days but again personal issues have taken over, the problem at times with writing a blog is you feel you need to do it daily but sometime it’s just not possible. Today there are no system bets, I will endeavour to get the results updated and have a look over them all this coming week.


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