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System Bet


Please note these are not the test bets from the past few days, these are the optimum selections I’ve refined over the past few months, purely trainer one runner in form system. Will bung up a results review of them over the weekend. Is only one today.

  • 8.40 Chepstow – Yes Chef – R Millman (5) (10%)

On the subject of trainers and form though, another area which is always worth noting is trainers bang out of form. Noticeable recently how Mark Johnston’s animals were running badly in late April/early May and Tim Easterby’s throughout the end of May both have recently picked up somewhat. Now though two stables who you should treat with caution are the Dandy Nicholls camp with 3 winners from 62 (4.8% strike rate) (21% place strike rate) and the Mick Channon yard with 3 winners from 51 runners (5.9% win s/r) (21% place s/r).

Good luck with your punting, LP.


2 thoughts on “System Bet

  1. I guess my choice of words yesterday was rather blunt, and I apologise for any offence taken. My background is selecting hedge funds for investors, and in that job I came across many hedge funds that offered systematic ways of trying to make money consistently over time. Some are very good, some start off good and then deteriorate with a full sample of events, and some “tinker” with the system or experiment with people’s money in new systems alongside the old, tried and tested ones. I have little time for the latter, as experimentation I always believe should be in private. It’s only when you have a satisfactory set of numbers over a decent run of events that you can show the world your wares. Otherwise, you risk losing credibility, money and focus on your core proprietary systems. So I’m not saying, never try to improve, but please be circumspect how you bring it into the public domain.

  2. I appreciate that Tony, no long term offence taken. I’m only trying to improve things however I can see how it’s detrimental to test things out in the open if people are following the previous profitable selections and thus then become confused or feel I’m trying to alter the selections to purely generate more of them.

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