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Out with the washing!


Some interesting comments yesterday, firstly it’s nice to have some comments and secondly it’s nice that people read the blog the average views of the blog are up from about 10 in early March to now roughly 150 per day. As such I guess as Ian points out in his comment there is a blog reader confidence – not sure it’s the same as the consumer confidence index! Not sure I’m fully aware what he means but I guess if you keep putting up loser after loser you’re going to get a few negative comments and unhappy followers, likewise if things are going well then people will read the blog and back bets as such with confidence, before when they were 10 readers then I probably couldn’t care less what people thought but now with a few more perhaps I should. My main aim in writing the blog though initially wasn’t to appease everyone out there it was more so track how I go in the world of betting mainly on the horses. The blog has progressed since last year some way, especially with the recent system work and performance of the personal bets. I don’t for one minute believe I’m any good at tipping selections, even though the results since March say otherwise but I am happy that the system bets are showing over a 100% ROI and 60pt profit.

To answer Tony’s comment about airing the testing in public like dirty washing as I have been doing the last few days. One I didn’t think I was doing it more so trying to find other avenues of profit, after all it is my blog and I can post what I want in the confines of the posts, a case of don’t like it, don’t read it mentality perhaps. I also made it quite clear that it was only testing and fact remains that I’ll probably stop doing it if it’s a waste of time, but at the same time if I’m going to try new systems I felt it was right to share it than keep it hidden as Tony suggests. Without conducting a poll of popular opinion I’m not sure whether to continue with the test bets, however at the same time would readers want me to share any other possible system bets I may discover?

I’ll post the system bets later if there are any, the old ones – not the test bets, I’ll keep these to myself tomorrow – no personal bets.


3 thoughts on “Out with the washing!

  1. I think you should do whatever you want with your own blog Lonesome! I always enjoy reading it and have been following your comments and some of your bets and paper trading all of your bets (along with others) and you are by far the highest in profit – although I don’t follow your system bets as much

  2. dont do system bets Lonesome simple as…systems work well in a moment of time, but can you give me any system that works well over a period of say 5 years? If there was a secret system out there nobody would know as it was a secret! People may argue my case but hardwork and looking at the value aspect of each allocated race you wish to assess, then look into further detail for each horses ability and many other factors..you will find your 1 or 2 you wish to advise and these will be your bread and butter for the blog….plenty out there and plenty areas to consider…but as for systems…can be an expensive learning curve! Chopra will be a good buy if he stays out of the casino! :o)

  3. Cheers Carol, much appreciated.

    Sean I hear you mate, though some systems work – the top FBR in handicaps for instance! I probably won’t be doing this in five years so short term I think the one runner system is cool to continue with for now, plus it’s profitable at the minute. I’ll be honest I don’t really have the confidence to pick out my own selections daily, perhaps I should be and risk making a few more. We shall see .. as for Chops as long as he scores a few goals he can spend all his days in the casino. Not sure there’s many around Ipswich mind. Nice and quiet, Can we have Whittingham aswell?

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