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A very nice few days away this week, weather was brilliant, tent wasn’t too impossible to erect and the kids on the whole were well behaved. Though I am looking forward to them going back to school and me going back to work, naturally!

I’ve got to apologise as I’ve not got any time today as chores are stacking up not least in the garden, so no time for an Oaks preview and being as I’ve not already looked at the race in depth I won’t be advising any bets. The one I think will go well and possibly turn the Guineas form around is Havant, it looks quite an open race however and a pretty decent renewal.

System bets – back today also and after a nice 12/1 winner on Monday hopefully this one can also go in. Will have the time to post plenty regards tomorrow’s races.

  • 8.00 Bath – Black Cadillac – A Balding (4) (15%)



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