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Knocking the ante post on the head ..


A quite disastrous day yesterday, the only saving grace was that I managed to keep my cool and avoid any random bets. It was a shocker though as the system bets were all beat – the run of losers on them is worrying – Bet Buddy was down, Bechers couldn’t find a winner and bets and systems I’ve picked out from Formbet all struggled. Not good .. though to make matters worse Master Of Hounds was declared a non runner, much to my chagrin. I knew this was likely but can only apologise for suggesting a 2pt e/w on him the night before, it was incredibly stupid. As such 6pts down the pan which along with the likes of Strong Suit, Red Jazz and Nathaniel all means my ante post bets have been nothing short of a disaster, therefore I won’t be recommending any more. I may well look at races in advance but I shan’t be lumping on anything only to see it withdrawn.

No system bets today – will get an update done today after I’ve done a few chores and been into town. No personal bets neither on a poor day’s racing again. Will try and take a look tonight at tomorrow’s racing which does look much better.

Good luck, LP.


4 thoughts on “Knocking the ante post on the head ..

  1. We all have days like that.
    There will be racing to look at next week, so take a “chill pill” and have some time-out this weekend to recharge the batteries.
    All the best.

  2. hey don’t be so hard on your self – I am still tracking you with paper trading since 8/4 you are up 78pts with £10 per point – BB up +12.5 and JC up +31.6 so you are doing very well!! and are now beating my own results of 62.6pts – its been a couple of weeks of very strange racing so hold tight and don’t give up!

  3. Thanks both for the kind words.
    Just getting a bit bogged down with other systems and services as such, my own personal bets bar the ante post have been fine as you say Carole – holding my bankroll up amazingly, I think with the ante post there’s not much point looking at them as by the time the race comes the price doesn’t change much and I’ve burnt my fingers a few times now.

  4. Forgot to say mate thanks for the shout in you blog the other day…going ok so far…though sore head this morning lol

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