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System Bets


There are a few today which makes a change from recent days, haven’t had the time to look for a personal bet, apologies. Also pretty gutted I didn’t back Masked Marvel yesterday being as I did on his first outing this season, way it goes typically .. hoping for some rain by the sounds of it for Nathaniel to turn up at Epsom. We must be due some at any rate!

  • 5.35 Haydock – Kitty Wells – L Cumani (TORBOTH) (4) (24%)
  • 6.20 Sandown – Hollow Tree – A Balding (TOR7) (4) (11%)
  • 7.40 Salisbury – Loden – L Cumani (TORBOTH) (4) (24%)

Best of luck, Lonesome Pundit.


4 thoughts on “System Bets

  1. re rain – we had a lot here yesterday in Ascot – not too far from Epsom – however I don’t think its done more than touch the surface – I walked the dog at Ascot course this morning

  2. Cheers Carole, yeah I’m a bit more worried by the fact the weather forecasters seem to think it will be a heatwave shortly. Not looking likely to be many runners in the Derby.

  3. Hey Rich, I sincerely hope its going to get hot as I’m camping with my 8yo lad the 1st week in June in Cornwall.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    All the best.

  4. I’ve pretty much given up on Nathaniel Ian, so let’s hope it gets hot. I think from experience I’ve got to knock the ante post bets on the head they are ruining my bankroll.

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