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May Day Ramblings


Stats from the weekend have been updated current total since Cheltenham is 46.5pts in profit which isn’t bad at all, especially when you consider I somehow managed to make 60pts of profit during Cheltenham, much better than I anticipated to be honest, considering I’m pretty clueless when it comes to tipping winners. Mind reading a few other blogs and especially those who follow paid services it makes you wonder how people continue through a rough trot and then fork out fees. It’s not a route I think I’ll ever go down, yeah I’ve paid for Formbet but purely on the basis that I can use the spreadsheet to my own advantage, it’s not like someone’s sending me an email every day with a one line sentence and a tip. I’m not having a go at people who do take these types of services but I do wonder sometimes why you don’t try and solve the handicap puzzles and what not of your own accord. Anyways enough of that .. I don’t want to alienate everyone!

Slightly disappointed with Moonlight Cloud and I did berate myself somewhat for going in too big on him probably a case of having a few too many winners lately, Buthelezi mind is a horse to keep on side as the second ran well behind Genius Beast and Measuring Time last week, I’d expect a fair rise for Buthelezi but in my opinion he may well be able to go in again. I can’t promise the bets will continue to be as regular but I will cast my eye over the Chester meeting and then as usual at the weekends where the better racing occurs, maybe that I’ll just bung some up on Facebook or Twitter so by all means follow us on those sites. I’ve also removed the stats page from Bet Buddy I’m still following all James’s selections and he’s still getting second after second but it makes life easier just to follow James’s site when he updates things if your keen on seeing his results, main thing is so far this flat season I think he’s had 3 winners from 36 runners and yet is about 24pts in profit because 50% of the other selections have come second!!

There is a system bet today which keeps the interest going on a mundane Monday considering the amount of racing, although the card at the Curragh does look interesting with So You Think the highlight. I’ve decided to knock following the Jockey One Runner system on the head so these won’t appear any more, am looking at a few other systems using the Formbet ratings but obviously these won’t be displayed on here, so if you want to see them you’ll have to sign up.

  • Lonesome System
  • 4.00 Kempton – All Action – H Cecil (TOR14) (3) (19%)


  • Testing
  • 3.20 Beverley – Lingfield Bound – J Best (TOR14) (4) (0%)
  • 3.30 Kempton – Montegonian – M Tregoning (TOR14) (4) (13%)
  • 4.25 Windsor – Joe Strummer – M Bell – (TOR7) (5) (13%)
  • 4.40 Warwick – Konstantin – M Tregoning (TOR14) (5) (0%)


Best of luck, Lonesome Pundit.


3 thoughts on “May Day Ramblings

  1. Hi, today was very interesting reading and I thought you might be interested in the following stats I have been keeping since 8th April. I used to only lay but whilst looking for lays I started finding bigger priced horses that I thought might win or place so started backing them. But not feeling confident at first about my selections I sought out a number of “tipsters” to paper trade along side my own (inc your own blog) and these are the results as at Saturday.
    Roger Green (paid for trial) -44 points……BetBuddy +17.4 pts…………….Beachers Brook – 30.4 pts…………..Daily Donkey (free laying tips) -41.2 pts…………..Horse Racing Tips For Free -9.6 (but stopped counting after a while as they were not good)……Jerimiah Catskill (charity donation to injured jockeys fund) first week only – +17 pts………..Lonesome Pundit (only selected tips mostly personal bets and optimum selections) +49 pts and lastly my own results a combination of lays and backs and e/ws +78 pts.

    Conclusion – I am not so bad at picking winners after all and yours is by far the best available site I have found should anyone wish to follow your tips although JC has shaped well in the first week and its early days yet. I was extremely pleased over the week-end to see that you had selected Tangerine Trees as I had and that BetBuddy selected Sea of Heartbreak as I had. Gives me lots of confidence that I am heading in the right direction and finally it seems to me that paying for tips must be somewhat like paying for sex (not speaking from personal experience of course!!) – very easily available but not usually very good !! 😀

  2. Interesting stuff that Carole, though with most things we’ve got to look long term, take Bechers Brook for instance it’s been a sticky spell but Robert’s selections are 240+ since March I believe and from reading Playing It Safe the Roger Green service has been doing really well until April, albeit I’d be pretty gutted having to pay for a service which seems to have had loser after loser last month.

    Though it is interesting, I think if your thinking of parting with your own money to follow other people’s selection you need to take a long term view and obviously have faith in the service. I also think especially if your somewhat of a newbie to horse racing/betting that you try and make a profit yourself before getting in too deep with other people’s selection that you then have to subscribe too – the main thing is always making sure your playing with money you can afford to lose as we’ll hit rough spots, I think someone said you’ve got to be prepared to lose to win. I’d be happy with 50pts profit over a year I think and next time tell me your tips haha 78pts very nice 🙂
    Best of luck.

  3. I have been trading full time for over a year now so not really a newbie but I am at heart a layer so I am more new to backing. I have built up a big list and info over that time and got to know a lot of the horses and that’s where most of my profit comes from. I like to back bigger priced horses if I find one that I think can win and I nearly always put in a saver lay for my stake back to minimise the “nearly but not quite” horses that drive you nuts by trading so low and then not winning!
    I also make great profit my backing the outsider in very small fields if they are 20 or over and have any chance at all – you don’t need too many of those to win to be in profit, esp in maidens etc

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