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One, two button my shoe. Three, four ..


Quick post now before I crack on with the system malarkey tomorrow.

Want to celebrate three things.

1) Bechers Brook blog. Unbelieveable winners again from Robert if you’ve not read this site then well your unfortunate, Robert continues to produce winner after winner and today had 2 winners from 4 selections, priced at 11/1 and 28/1. I’m not actually following Robert’s picks hence am a complete mug so this will be changing pronto. It’s a case of jumping on the bandwagon, but it’s some bandwagon at the minute.

2) Bodugi.com. I’ll add a link up to this site and haven’t yet looked in much detail at all the money games, however they’ve been running a free game every day through April and it’s worth playing even if it’s free and is small change. Money comes as they say ..

3) Much better day for all the system bets. Testing went well with a number of decent winners, the Jockey One runner system also looks positive albeit sample size is small. All gravy! In addition to that two bets from James at Bet Buddy and two decent priced placers!

So a decent day and I guess I could add a fourth little excitement .. the end of virtual racing on Betfair. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Time for a beer. Until tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “One, two button my shoe. Three, four ..

  1. No beer! What a disaster.

  2. Just to follow on from your Bodugi comments m8. I am a novice horse racing punter with very limited knowledge so far, i started following your blog about a month ago and signed up to Bodugi on your advice about 4 days ago. ! ! But on that link you have attached showing you in first place today, that’s me in 3rd. Woohoo. Really starting to get into this sport fella, so any advice is excellent, cheers.

  3. Ah sorry Craig you were leading go into the last race, bit unlucky considering that race was all over the shop. We go again today 🙂

    The best advice I could offer you would be too read a few blogs about who offer some excellent selections, play them within a decent sized bankroll – i.e. don’t over stake as obviously you can’t win all the time and be prepared to lose as with Bet Buddy and Bechers the prices are usually upwards of 10/1 – but the profits are brilliant. Some of the best blogs are Bet Buddy, Bechers Brook , Wayward Lad and Patient Speculation and a couple of 2 year old blogs in High Class Equine and State Of Play although all the blogs offer free advice so are worth a look.

    Best of luck mate.

  4. Betfair really do come up with some hare-brained products. Cartoon racing goes the way of Tai Kai…. just like it always should have….

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